Ynet: Rabbi Calls for Jewish non-profit executives to take 60-80% pay cuts

In our view, it's a perfect opportunity for Jewish leaders to show that they can be lights unto the nations, i.e., examples of high moral behavior that will redound to the culture at large.

Writing on Ynet, Rabbi Levi Brackman, makes a strong Talmudic case against excessive pay and calls on Jewish non-profit executives to take big pay cuts. In his op-ed, "Our self-serving execs - Is it proper for executives of Jewish non-profit organizations to be paid huge salaries?" the rabbi concludes,
One, however, who seeks wealth from a pool of money donated for a specific worthy communal cause, becomes the subject of derision from Judaism’s ethical and rabbinic writings. It is time for the executives of our organizations to step up and show some real leadership. That begins with internalizing and then modeling the concept of working in the service of others—a mere ten percent pay cut does not show that type of leadership. For most of them a 60-80% pay cut would be much more appropriate.

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