Which is Better, Talmudic Chaos or Halakhic Linearity?

We were asked to write about Talmudic logic for a journal so we've written a new paper for publication. In a nutshell:
In this paper we first examine what several modern Judaic scholars have said about the halakhah in Judaism. Then we show how their approaches fail to correlate with some of the basic the philological and historical evidence of the Talmudic texts which employ the term halakhah. Finally, probing beyond the historical and philological theories of the texts, we advance a new and intuitive hypothesis. We posit that to fathom the logic of the Talmud and of modes of thought of the halakhah one needs to go beyond standard notions of linearity and consider concepts from within chaos theory.
We don't really decide whether Talmudic chaos is better than Halakhic linearity. We do know which is more complex and we discuss fractals.

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