Is Goldman Sachs Jewish?

No, Goldman Sachs is a corporation hence it has no religion and cannot be Jewish.

But yes, Goldman Sachs was founded by Jews.

And now we learn from the London Times in a long and penetrating article that the current CEO thinks that he is on a religious mission: "I'm doing 'God's work'. Meet Mr Goldman Sachs."

Update 4/17/10: The SEC has accused Goldman Sachs of massive fraud, implying perhaps that the regulators think they were doing the devil's work.

Tzvee's Maxim: You don't make more money than any other smart bank just by getting up earlier in the morning or staying at your desk later at night.

Confused? That is right where they want you to be. From the London Times article...
...The bank was founded in New York in 1869 by a Jewish immigrant from Bavaria, Marcus Goldman. His son-in-law, Samuel Sachs, later joined him. Shut out of the clubby, largely Protestant world of stock and bond trading, Goldman established a profitable, if unglamorous, niche buying and selling short-term corporate IOUs, known as commercial paper. By the turn of the century, the firm was pioneering the market for initial public offerings, handling the stock-market debuts of blue-chip companies such as Sears and Ford.

As Goldman started outside the cosy Wall Street establishment, it hired the smartest, most driven people it could find, who learnt to exploit market loopholes, snatch business from rivals and win favours from friends in high places. Under Sidney Weinberg, chief executive from 1930 to 1969, the bank forged top business graduates into ad-hoc teams that would work around the clock for clients ...more...
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Richard said...

If anyone thinks that Goldman Sachs was given some kind of preferential treatment because of its Jewish origins, they only need to look at Lehman Brothers (also founded by Jews), which was allowed to miserably fail to the chagrin of thousands of employees and countless more investors. Then again Lehman Brothers may have fallen out of favor with the International Cabal of Illuminati Jewish bankers that presumably control the world's finances. Perhaps, Lehman consisted of "reformed" Jews.