Kindle and Nook v. iPad

No doubt there is a bit of panic out there at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Kindle and Nook have phenomenal ebook capabilities (if you don't mind being distracted every time you turn a page). You can read them in direct sunlight (as if anyone has ever read a real book in direct sunlight). And you can go without charging them for a week (iPad lasts 2 good days without a charge so far). And they don't get all those nasty fingerprints on them (because they are not touch screens). And they don't have all that distracting color (now we are getting cynical) and all those time-wasting apps (uber-cynical) and Internet and iPod capabilities (yikes stop that cynicism).

Today we installed the free Bloomberg, Reuters and Nasdaq apps on our iPad. Ayayay. There just is no contest.

Fast Company documents the panic at the competitors - "Kindle and Nook to Go Retail: Can It Save Them From the iPad?" Nook goes to Best Buy and Kindle to Target. Everyone will make some money - but iPad wins. Period.

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