Our iPad has landed!

Our iPad was delivered today. Unboxing and activating tonight.

We can tell it's a winner. Details and inevitable criticisms to follow.

Update 1: We love it, love it. But there are some drawbacks, we agree, as described by the Daily Beast,

 "David Pogue of the Times also wrote a review just for techies, and he says they’ll be less than impressed, calling it “a gigantic iPod Touch." He writes that its hailed e-book reader app, which is difficult to read in direct sunlight, is not going to rescue the newspaper and book industries with its puny 60,000-title selection. Another big turnoff is its inability to play Flash video, resulting in thousands of Web sites showing up with empty white squares."

Sums it up for us, so far.


Richard said...

Not playing flash video makes it a dead ringer on arrival. Also, it does not run Skype, so forget about talking to your overseas relatives. I am also told that it does not multitask.

Call me crazy, but I think this a colossal product failures on par with OS/2, New Coke, and Vista.

This may really be the Book of Jobs as far as Apple is concerned.

Tzvee Zahavy said...

wow, not so fast. it's not perfect but hey it does a real lot. add the logmein ignition app and you have your windows 7 desktop. add the hava app and you have your cable tv feed. add the nytimes xword puzzle app and you've got those too. it's a big blockbuster game changer imho...

Richard said...

As a new computing platform, it may be a game changer. However, the competition is not resting. HP is slated to release the the "Slate" very soon for $549, which runs Windows 7, supports Flash, and runs Skype. Not to mention Windows 7 excellent multitasking.

I am a big fan of Apple, I have a Mac PowerBook at home, but I just recently bought a 4 processor Sony Viao running Windows 7 for work. At $1350 this top end PC easily outperforms the cheapest Mac laptops. Also, I have recently switched from I-Tunes to Rhapsody; instead of paying a $1 a song, I get all the music I want for $14.99 a month.

The computer world is so fast moving, but once again it appears as if the commodity players have a distinct advantage.