Are Jews Deicides?

We think that the term "deicides" means "killers of gods."

We've been phoning our friends all day to ask if any of them killed any gods lately. So far, no takers, no Jews we know have killed any gods. We personally admit we did kill a spider in our basement on Sunday.

We raise this nosensical question because a Catholic Bishop -- just now in the 21st century -- not during the middle ages -- said the following according to a story in the Times Online:
Bishop Babini, 81, said Jews “do not want the Church, they are its natural enemies”. He added: “Deep down, historically speaking, the Jews are deicides [God killers].”
Yikes. Any two-bit journalist on TV who said something like that would be toast -- fired on the spot.

On a related matter, atheists in Britain are calling for the arrest of the Pope when he arrives to visit in September, Richard Dawkins calls for arrest of Pope.

At some point the social critics who follow the Church and closely examine its recent activities will have to begin asking whether Pope Benedict XVI, by his chosen course of actions is willfully attempting to destroy his own church.


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you're missing an "i" in the post's title

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