Traif Restaurant to Open in Williamsburg Brooklyn

What indeed is the news here? There are so many traif (i.e., non-kosher) restaurants in Brooklyn. Why even take note of this restaurant that is not kosher?

But this is not "a" traif restaurant. This is "the" traif restaurant -- the one named TRAIF. We have to admit that we were left breathless just now as we read about this new enterprise because of the boldness of the honesty of the name and its implicit comment on the innateness of Jewish guilt and pride and hubris.

A big hat tip to the Jew and the Carrot blog for bringing this to our attention.

And for explanation and contemplation of this phenomenon of Jewish Brooklyn see the Story of Traif posts on the proprietor's blog and meditate on the simple koan that underpins its philosophical raison d'etre -- "Celebrating pork, shellfish and globally inspired soul food" on the restaurant's web site.

On this blog we do not recommend  this or any other restaurant. And we observe only that if the traif food at Traif is high quality, we predict that the restaurant will be a big hit. If the whole idea is just a Brooklyn novelty, we expect that it will close in a matter of weeks.

We just can't wait to see the first Bar Mitzvah or Jewish wedding invitation to invite the guests to the reception at Traif.

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