All Religions Lose When Priests, Imams, Ministers or Rabbis Behave Badly

AP reports that an Irish Bishop has resigned from his position saying,
"The truth is that the long struggle of survivors to be heard and respected by church authorities has revealed a culture within the Church that many would simply describe as unchristian," Moriarty said in a statement Thursday. "This has been profoundly dispiriting for all who care about the church."
How about what it means for all of us who care about any organized religion?

And then we have reports of people purporting to defend Islam by threatening death to Matt Stone and Trey Parker (pictured), the creators of the cartoon South Park, for lampooning Muhammed.

We often mentioned on this blog instances of Jewish Rabbis and Protestant ministers behaving badly too, although not for abuse of children or death threats to heretics.

Religion is a voluntary association in most of the world. It's bad for all religions when the leaders of any one of them make it distasteful for good wholesome people to associate with their organizations.

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