Caroline Glick, the Queen of Catastrophic Raving Lunatic Zionism

There are real people and there are raving lunatics. Real people work to bring new value into the world. Raving lunatics merely froth at the mouth and run around in circles.

Every article that I have read by a Ms. Caroline Glick has convinced me that she stands alone as the Queen of Catastrophic Raving Lunatic Zionism.

In her latest screed, "The bitter fruits of corruption," published by JWR and other wingnut outlets, she just raves on and on and on about the catastrophic state of affairs in Israel. In her lunatic world, everyone is corrupt, everyone is inept and Israel is headed for hell in a hand basket.

This is not your typical run-of-the-mill catastrophic Zionist blather. Glick opines ravingly, "And so to extricate itself from the morass of ineptitude and criminality that has become its public sector, Israel must find the way to rid ourselves of the current political and military leadership that embody both."

You see, the ante has been raised. The entire government of Israel - in Glick's never humble opinion - is evil and corrupt and the nation is careening towards oblivion.

You may ask, what are Ms. Glick's expert credentials for her role as arbiter and predictor of destruction and despair? As far as I can tell, they are simply put nil, null and void. This woman knows how to write English sentences. Other than that, she has absolutely no claim to any authority, insight or expertise regarding the state of affairs in the Middle East or anywhere else.

We thank Binyamin L. Jolkovsky, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of JWR, for his untiring cutting and pasting of articles which promote the catastrophic raving lunatic fringe of Zionist and Judaic thought.

And we caution all our friends who credulously read the republished nonsense that he promotes to repent, relent and come to your senses.

Seven million strong, Israel is a great nation. It is not hovering on the brink of destruction.

Caroline and Binyamin, why in the name of all that sane do you want to promote the idea that it is?

O yes. Forgive me. I forgot. To make a coupala dollars.


Anonymous said...

Tzvee, you seem unbothered by the corruption et al she accurately points out. Nor by the threat of Egypt and Iran. You are totally mum about it. Frighteningly mum.

Tzvee, it looks like you've done another fine job of putting words into the mouth of an author with whom you disagree:

"The entire government of Israel - in Glick's never humble opinion - is evil and corrupt and the nation is careening towards oblivion."

--> Entire? Careening towards oblivion? Naah, that's you putting words in her mouth. In another essay, Glick writes: "Nevertheless, the Jewish people is far from powerless. And the State of Israel is also capable of defending itself."

"just raves on and on and on"
---> No comment.

Tzvee Zahavy said...

First, Al Franken set the standard for deflating these wingnuts in "Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot". You throw the overstated raving lunacy right back at them. It is humor with a bite.

Glick however is not a danger to America. She is undermining Israel and the Zionist enterprise saying the the current political and military leadership embody both ineptitude and criminality. Those are her words. I don't care if she kisses every street in Jerusalem. It does not balance or nullify the harm she is doing with her baseless non-sensical scribblings.

You must reject this harmful rhetoric and attitude.

Now that is the theme and point of my post. Criticize me if you wish for not answering by confirming or denying the details of her rambling incoherencies. But know well that I did not intend to rebut her charges one-by-one. There is no point to that level of debate with Glick and her ilk.

Anonymous said...

I claimed that you were completely mum about Glick's charges, and you respond as if I were asking you to rebut *every one* of her points.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, it appears that former Supreme Court Justice Mishael Heshin ALSO says that the public sector is suffocating from corruption. Does Heshin earn the "rant" label from you, too?