Davos Leaders: "Enough is Enough" in the Middle East

The AP Reports that the Middle East will get plenty of attention at the World Economic Forum. With no-content session titles like, "Enough is Enough" - expect a lot of rhetoric to be generated and no substantive proposals to emerge. Anyway, don't the oil companies want the turmoil to continue to keep supplies low and prices high?
Middle East Big Issue at World Forum
By Bradley S. Klapper, Associated Press Writer

Middle East Turmoil to Take Center Stage at World Economic Forum

GENEVA (AP) -- Middle East turmoil will take center stage at this year's World Economic Forum in the Swiss ski resort of Davos, with Israeli and Palestinian officials, Middle Eastern leaders and Iraqi politicians attending, organizers said Wednesday.

The lineup for this year's meeting lacks a big-hitter from The White House, but several Bush administration officials and presidential hopefuls will attend. The guest list includes Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, Jordan's King Abdullah II, Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora and key Shia, Sunni and Kurdish politicians from Iraq.

Israel will be represented by Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni at the Forum, which begins next Wednesday just a couple of weeks before a meeting between Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as part of a U.S. effort to breathe life into moribund Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts.

"The Middle East issue is the most crucial issue for the world at this moment," said Klaus Schwab, head of the foundation that hosts the annual meeting of more than 1,000 business and political leaders and officials in Davos.

One Middle East session is titled "Enough is Enough." Another on the future of the region includes European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana and ex-Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, a frequent guest...

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Anonymous said...

"Anyway, don't the oil companies want the turmoil to continue to keep supplies low and prices high"

Does the addition of this sentence imply that the oil companies will be present at the Economic Forum?