Tracking back to an odd assortment of blog links

Every now and then we look at where our readers come from. Here are three sources from today - an odd assortment of links to our blog.

1. Google Finance: To our post about the $100 Million Gift to Yeshiva U

2. Blog in Dm: To our mention of the Jewish Standard's piece "Teaneck's Shomer Shabbos Blues Band".

3. Emdashes - the New Yorker Between the Lines: Saying, "So far, I also love Shalom Auslander’s “Playoffs,” which shouldn’t even be described, just read. It’s such good writing, it’s so funny and irreligious and perfect, it made me choke up and grin and want to give him caramels; this guy agrees." So I am to Emily, "this guy."

There are more blogs who sent us readers today, but they are more expected. Thanks to all.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, and no disrespect intended, I assure you! Sometimes I post something quickly almost as a placeholder, and your link, while a happy discovery, was a last-minute addition. That said, I think I'll change it to "this rabbi agrees."