Vista Shmista! Bravo to Office 2007!

Vista Shmista! The new Microsoft operating system is getting all the attention this week.

But the new Office 2007 System is the real the blockbuster - especially for me - a writer. I installed it last night. Right away I can see that it's not another incremental upgrade. Rather it is a paradigm shift in both its file format (Open Office XML) and front end user interface.

From the MS product description
: "The traditional menus and toolbars have been replaced by the Ribbon — a new device that presents commands organized into a set of tabs. The tabs on the Ribbon display the commands that are most relevant for each of the task areas in the applications. For example, in Office Word 2007, the tabs group commands for activities such as inserting objects like pictures and tables, doing page layout, working with references, doing mailings, and reviewing."

You can download a sixty day free trial of Office 2007
and get your hands on it right away. I highly recommend this software.

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