To the Onion: Rape is never funny

Sometimes attempted humor is not funny (IMHO). Sometimes it is offensive.

From the Onion:

Israeli President Accused Of Rape

The Israeli parliament agreed to allow President Moshe Katsav to temporarily step down in order to fight possible rape charges. What do you think?

Young Woman

Esther Jones,
Systems Analyst
"Rape charges against the president of Israel? Man, Lebanon is really going to pay for this one somehow."

Black Man

Lee Marlowe,
Support Staff
"I sure hope he wasn't Bar Mitzvah'ed. He'll serve much less time in prison if he's charged as a juvenile."

Young Man

Moses Brown,
Social Worker
Well, at least he'll have Palestinian support behind him for having raped a Jew."


Anonymous said...

You must not be very familiar with the Onion - this is relatively tame.

Tzvee Zahavy said...

I read the hard copy Onion every week and get some laughs. This specific attempt isn't funny.

Anonymous said...

Totally hilarious. And probably written by a Jew. Lighten up.