UK Jews Protest Gay Rights Law

If true, and the Guardian generally speaking is not a trusted arbiter of truth, then I must ask why Jewish groups must join with Christian wingnuts to oppose gay rights?

Two opinions in the aforesaid paper rant on the subject. AC Graying says,

And on the subject of Jews: what a disgrace that the stone-agers outside parliament tonight will include a Jewish group. If anyone should be against discrimination of any kind, it is a Jew. Alongside the Jews murdered in Auschwitz were homosexuals, wearing a pink patch where the Jews wore a Star of David. The despairing implication of the fact that Jews are joining Christian and Muslims - the usual standard bearers of intolerance and reaction - in this campaign is that too many people learn too little, never connect the dots, and repeat the ghastly errors of the past, when under the thought-inhibiting influence of such toxins as religious belief.
And one opinionator named Polly Toynbee says, "Outside parliament tonight the intolerance that comes with religion's moral certainty will be on display for all to see."

Christians, Muslims and Jews are all fighting against the sexual orientation regulations with a wrecking clause that would render them meaningless: "Nothing in these regulations shall force an individual to act against their conscience or strongly held religious beliefs." Anyone could use their "conscience" to discriminate against gays.
Oh Guardian. Is it not enough that you oppose Israel? Must you oppose all religion? Shame on the protestors and the protestors of the protestors.

The discussion of these opinions by ordinary mortals ensues in the always vividly British "Comment is Free" web site fashion.

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