Carville: Richardson is Judas Because He Betrayed Carville's Lord Hillary

Carville claims a Judas accusation is an okay "seasonal metaphor" for accusing a politician of betrayal by endorsing Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton.

Sure why not? Use any metaphor you'd like as you go down on your metaphorical sinking ship. You might want to start packing because just remember that metaphorically speaking, "No one wants to be the last rat on the sinking ship." The Boston Globe:
Carville sticks by Richardson as Judas
Posted by Foon Rhee, deputy national political editor

James Carville, a Hillary Clinton partisan, today did not back away at all from comparing New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson to Judas.

Carville had said Richardson had betrayed the Clintons -- much as Judas betrayed Jesus -- by endorsing Barack Obama on Friday despite working in former president Bill Clinton's administration. Richardson should have stayed neutral in the Democratic primary fight, Carville said today on CNN.

Carville said he wanted to show his strong displeasure and used a "seasonal metaphor."

"I'm not going to get in the gutter with him," Richardson responded on MSNBC this afternoon, saying that some Clinton supporters seem to believe she is entitled to the presidency.

"This litmus test of loyalty is unfortunate," he said.

Richardson called on both campaigns to stop the personal attacks, saying that the "bloodletting" was hurting both. "We're tearing each other apart," he said.

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Anonymous said...

richardson had a great shot at becoming vice president. he blew it. he drank the kool aid. i thought kerry and kennedy drank it all for themselves. oh well.

Ra ra ra! obamaramama rah!