Video: Obama on Rev. Wright and Race in America

Barack tells us why Rev. Wright is Rev. Wrong.

Clear and crisp in style and substance, Obama puts Rev. Wright into perspective and rejects the reverend's wrong ideas and words.

Barack once again hits the ball out of the park. Brilliant!

And on the subject of Obama there is a web page for "Neurotic Jews for Barack Obama". It's www.OyWeCan.com.


Anonymous said...

I have been wary of Obama since the first time I heard him, when he gave his 'breakout' address at the DNC in 2004. He spoke of 'Arab-American families being rounded up in the middle of the night.' Sure, whatever.

Anonymous said...


Tzvee has joined the self-haters' club.

Anonymous said...

He indeed hit it out of the ballpark.

Just like he hit out of the ballpark in previous inteviews.

Just one problem:

The stories don't jive.

See ABC news for details: