Yesha rabbis responsible for yeshiva massacre

Now we sane folk know that our despicable Arab enemies are 100% responsible for the attack on innocent Yeshiva students in Jerusalem yesterday.

But West Bank Settler Rabbis are not sane. They blame the Israeli government for the attack.

So I just put up the headline saying that they were responsible for the attack. Demonstrates the same absence of sanity.

We do not need our own maniacs to muddy the waters at this crucial time. The world can see clearly that Arab bad guys killed innocent students. Why in the name of the Torah do these idiot rabbis have to come in and make pronouncements that just confuse what is clear? Shut up!
Yesha rabbis: Government responsible for yeshiva massacre

Thursday's shooting struck 'underbelly' of settlement movement, Yesha religious leaders direct accusations at weak political leadership 'that arms the enemy and negotiates with Holocaust deniers over the division of holy Jerusalem'
Neta Sela

"The responsibility for the massacre lies with the governments of Israel, which for years have displayed weakness and exhaustion and have seen to the armament of the enemy," the Yesha Rabbinical Council wrote in a stinging rebuke of the Israeli leadership following the Thursday's deadly terror attack against a Jerusalem yeshiva.

Eight rabbinical students were killed in the shooting perpetrated by a Palestinian gunman from east Jerusalem who infiltrated the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva in the Kiryat Moshe quarter.

Calling the seminary a "flagship of those who love the Torah and the country," the council vowed that the spirit of the yeshiva would "triumph over the evil."

Many of the students who attend Mercaz HaRav belong to the settlement movement.

"Even now, the government is continuing to supply electricity and fuel to the Gaza Strip and negotiate with a Holocaust denier (an apparent reference to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas) over the division of Israel and holy Jerusalem," wrote the council.

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Anonymous said...

"Why in the name of the Torah do these idiot rabbis have to come in ..."
Was it indeed in the name of the Torah?

"They blame the Israeli government for the attack."
If they attributed DIRECT blame, I can see your point. If they attributed INDIRECT blame, I can see their point.