Haaretz: Make the Rabbis Look Bad Again - Shame on You

Leave it to the socialist mouthpiece Haaretz to make the rabbis look bad again.

Now they take a perfectly wonderful program for employing Orthodox women and make it sound like the rabbis have enslaved those women of valor.

Really now.
High-tech in the service of the rabbis
By Avirama Golan
...The rabbis, who have consistently rejected initiatives to enable men to combine study and work, have found in high-tech a new channel to rehabilitate the collapsing society of Torah learners, via an old and familiar method: the oppression of women. The men will once again sit in the kollel (a yeshiva for married men), the women will once again work, and instead of technological education providing them with a key for change, it will deepen their exploitation. Without any difficulty, the rabbis concocted a circular deal with the employers and the government that is giving them twice as much as what the government cut... read more if you dare

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