Times Calls Obama Speech: Profile in Courage

They call it, "Mr. Obama’s Profile in Courage."

You won't see a more favorable Times editorial than this one that ends,
We can’t know how effective Mr. Obama’s words will be with those who will not draw the distinctions between faith and politics that he drew, or who will reject his frank talk about race. What is evident, though, is that he not only cleared the air over a particular controversy — he raised the discussion to a higher plane.


Anonymous said...

he didnt accomplish anything except try and make everyone think he is black. powell and rice came before him. she is still here. no one cared about color.
he is done. this was all he had left and he blew it.
how can he go one day last week claiming he had no idea what wright was saying and then come and contradict himself about knowing him for so long and aobut the things he says?
wright, hagee...denounce, reject.
Obama isnt black, he is bi-racial. not that it matters.
Hillary will be the next president.

Anonymous said...

The only thing on today's Times editorial page that would have been worthy of re-broadcast is the letter from Gene Kelly's widow reprimanding Obama's (suspected) bedmate Maureen Dowd.

Anonymous said...

The Wright Effect?

Gallup shows Hillary opening a seven point lead over Obama, the largest either candidate has enjoyed in that poll this month. (She also leads McCain by four while Obama trails him by three.)