Nut Case Rabbis Decide Israeli Women Not Fit for Army

This is the man who decided last week that Israeli women should not serve in the Israel Defense Forces.

Who in the world asked you?

This ruling is, "a joke." Regarding the authority of this Neanderthal "Rabbi" or Stone Age "Professor" -- using your own words, "There is no place for any flexibility and compromise," just go back to your cave.

You must be told that by this nutty proclamation you make Judaism look stupid, backwards, sexist and arbitrary. You insult all Israeli women, all of the IDF military leadership and all of the secular Israeli public. Above all since you claim to be a supreme rabbinic body speaking for all rabbis, I must go on record clearly and without equivocation. You do not speak for me.
Sanhedrin demands expulsion of women from military

Self-appointed Supreme Judicial Court of the Jewish People says that by integrating women into army units, IDF is surrendering to 'political and ideological demands'

Kobi Nahshoni

The self-appointed Supreme Judicial Court of the Jewish People, also known as the Sanhedrin, passed down on Thursday a halachic ruling which calls to exempt women from army service and expel those who have already been recruited.

The ruling comes just two months after three religious soldiers belonging to a Yeshivat Hesder (program that combines advanced Talmudic studies with military service) were jailed for refusing to participate in a class given by women instructors.

According to the Sanhedrin rabbis, by integrating women into mixed army units the IDF is surrendering to "political and ideological demands".

The ruling stated that "rabbis and parents will not send their sons to an army that recruits women to mixed units. There is no place for any flexibility and compromise (in this matter).

'Failures in the battlefield'

Sanhedrin member Professor Hillel Weiss told Ynet that separating male and female soldiers would not due, and called to expel women from the army entirely.

"I remember when I would be called up for reserve duty and the IDF sent women instructors to show us how to operate a heavy machine gun; they couldn't even cock the large weapon," he said. "Today I meet women soldiers who say they are proud to be serving in the Armored or Artillery corps. It's a joke.

"However," Professor Weiss added, "there is room for technological and other units in which only women will serve, but this should be done outside the military framework.

"Just as there is the National Service for the State (alternative voluntary service for those that cannot or do not wish to serve in the IDF), there can also be National Service for the army" he said, "the women who would take part in this program would not even have to be in uniform.

The Sanhedrin's ruling also mentions the IDF's "failures in the battlefield", stating that the establishment of mixed units has resulted in a "disruption of the conscience".

"There seems to be a connection between the inability to make the distinction between the genders and the inability to make the distinction between friend and foe. Both of these characterize the post-Zionist army, which deems such distinctions racist," the ruling stated.


Anonymous said...

You must be told that by this nutty proclamation you make Judaism look stupid, backwards, sexist and arbitrary....

...this Neanderthal "Rabbi" or Stone Age "Professor"

Can I add another term? How about, oh, Torah Age rabbi?

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that YNet missed the point of the actual article. It seems they were talking about the reduction in morale due to mixed units

It never says that women are not fit for the army.

Theres a lot of information on this group here

Tzvee Zahavy said...

Thanks for linking to the decree. It's even crazier when you read it as issued.