How Bad is Arab Hatred of Israel? This Bad.

How Bad is Arab Hatred of Israel? This Bad.

Here is what the Arab News (The Middle East's Leading English Language Daily) says for instance in one article about (1) Merkel's visit to Israel and (2) the murder of Yeshiva students:
Palestine Peace a Matter of Global Resolve
Samar Fatany

Angela Merkel publicly announced her shame over the Jewish Holocaust at a time when a Palestinian Holocaust is taking place — also with German sympathy and blind support. The same kind of acquiescence that led to the first Holocaust is allowing this new Holocaust to continue unabated.

The German Stuka dive-bombers and the Panzer tanks have been replaced by the helicopter gunship and the Israeli tank. The Jewish victims have been replaced with Palestinians, and the former oppressed has now become the oppressor.

In the last month, more than 100 Palestinian women and children have become the victims of a perverse, extremist sect within Israel that relishes blood and misery and uses its influence to ensure that peace will never come....

A Palestinian from East Jerusalem, enraged by the slaughter, slays eight students and wounds several others at the religious school of Zionist extremists Mercaz HaRav. The religious institution is the center of the extremist settlement movement, which openly calls on Israelis to rob Palestinians of their lands and incites hatred against all Palestinians in the occupied territories. An argument you might hear in the Middle East is that his targets are Israeli militias planning the genocide against Palestinians living in their own homeland.

Israel calls it a terrorist act, and the Western world refuses to acknowledge the real problem. No matter who gets elected or what happens, Israel always finds an excuse to avoid peace....
Here is how I read this:

(1) No fair that you have a Holocaust. We want a Holocaust too.

(2) No fair that you have Yeshivas training, "Militias planning the genocide against Palestinians living in their own homeland." We want to do things like that in our madrasas.

I don't want you to have a Holocaust. And I do wish you would stop doing those things in your religious schools.


Anonymous said...

How about talking about Sabeel and its ties to Black Liberation theology? Your Obama sat for twenty years listening to sermons preaching the destruction of the Jewish state and has made promises to help the Palestinians. Do you think any Israel supporting Jews will fail to go over to McCain if Hillary loses? Wake up!!

Tzvee Zahavy said...

Let me make this clear. Nobody listens to Priests, Ministers or rabbis when it comes to setting any American policy. Not now, not ever. Clinton did not. Bush has not. Obama certainly will not. Stop pushing this imaginary panic button.

Ministers and rabbis have no power and no influence. Candidates may kiss up to them for their votes. Presidents may entertain them at the White House for their money and votes.

No minister, not even Rev. Billy, has had any influence whatsoever on policy.

This boogey man scare campaign has already backfired. It will be a major boost as soon as it sinks in that this scenario is an utter fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Only the Pope gets listened to?

Anonymous said...

What is needed is an education program similar to the one implemented in Germany and Japan after WW2. Of course, this would require some sort of occupation by the West of much of the Middle East and is not about to happen.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they don't listen to their religious leaders, who knows? But they choose their advisors, right?

Can you please tell us what you know about Obama's advisors Merrill McPeak and Robert Malley?

Tzvee Zahavy said...

Dennis Ross and Anthony Lake are Obama advisors and friends of Israel.