Carter: He was worse than Bush

Remember Jimmy Carter? He was our president in 1979 and in May of that year Time Magazine wrote

For yet another week, gas stations almost everywhere kept short hours, closed on the weekend or limited sales to a few gallons because supplies were short, by 5% to 20% of 1978 levels. In most states it was enough of a pinch to make gasoline a major topic of concern, but not enough to force Americans to change lifestyles. In California, however, long lines of cars formed at every open pump, as angry and panicky motorists tried to buy every drop available.
One of the great oil powers in the world, and the US in 1979 had a shortage of gasoline!!!!!! And mortgage rates were 17%! Yes 17%

In the history of our country, Jimmy Carter was our worst president.

Now to cap off his terrible legacy, he calls Israel an "apartheid" state in his new book.

Let history record that a chazer bleibt a chazer and a peanut farmer bleibt a peanut farmer.

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