Prager off the deep end - Jews should swear on the New Testament

Aside from the affront that Dennis Prager has inflicted on the Muslim community - saying the Keith Ellison of MN should be sworn into congress on a bible not a koran - he also insulted me - saying that I should be sworn in on a bible containing the New Testament - because it is the bible of America. (Not that there is any chance I'd be elected to congress.)

"Prager also said that he would like to see Jews swear their oaths of office on the Christian Bible — the Jewish Bible does not include the New Testament that is central to Christian beliefs."

There is no way on G-d's green earth that I'd swear on a New Testament.

Dennis, you have lost your mind!

George Bush swearing in Sen. Lieberman in 1989 on a Tanakh? Looks like the Christian Bible is below it on the table.


Anonymous said...

America's holy book, whoever you are or whatever you believe, is the Judeo-Christian bible. That's just an historical fact. That is where America's values come from.

Anonymous said...

Would you open the book in half, and put your hand on the "Old" part? It's been done before.