Invest in True Religion Stock

I discovered recently that you can trade True Religion on the Nasdaq stock market. It trades under the symbol TRLG.

This is of course just an apparel company with stores from coast to coast. Not to be confused with Judaism or Christianity or Islam, which are religions that various folks like to label as "true".

Last Wednesday I saw a business story about the firm, "Not Much to Worship at True Religion". Seems the stock is at a 52 week low and the analysts are punning away at the company.

The story reports, "True Religion is a Los Angles based high-end denim company which designs, develops, manufactures, markets, distributes and sells denim jeans and other apparel, including corduroy jeans and jackets, velvet jeans and jackets, skirts, shorts, t-shirts, sweaters and sportswear. In other words, it’s a parent’s worst nightmare if your kid is into this fashion because jeans for example are priced in the $150 plus range."

Let me join in the pun: parents are just praying that their children don't ask for them.

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