Making the Aaron Kotler Video Lazy Shabbos

You have to see the original Aaron Kotler Lazy Shabbos video first, then watch this one. Funny stuff.

Dana, Aaron's brother, commented on our earlier blog post,

the aaron kotler of this video is my brother. the video was made by medical students at the albert einstein college of medicine for our skit night. it was written by eric siskind and ari gladstein, and directed/produced by myself and joe sabat. my brother aaron, who is a musician, created the background track for us.

as far as your other thoughts, we are not directly related to the rabbi aaron kotler, though it is possible that there is some more distant relation of which we are not yet aware.
Here's the new one.

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Unknown said...

hey - dana here again.
if you liked lazy shabbos, make sure you check out this year's project... BAGELS AND LOX.