New Video on Anti-Americanism in the Arab World

Peter Cervieri writes, "Here's video from an interesting panel discussion we just put online called Responding to Anti-Americanism in the Arab World: Have We Been Effective Since 9/11? It's an interesting debate with a variety of perspectives."

Over the five years since 9/11, American foreign policy, security policy, and psychology have been reshaped to address Arab anger and the terrorism that can result from it. On 9/11 what most of the world saw as a horrific act of brutality, many in the Arab streets saw as a success. While currently the Iraq war overshadows all, the Administration has also aggressively sought to engage the Arab world and convince it that America is not the enemy it assumes.

Have these efforts been successful? Are they hopelessly overshadowed by the Iraq War and our Israeli alliance? Does trying to understand and react to the motivation of the Jihadists amount to appeasement? Should we simply be grateful that — despite several well publicized attempts — there has not been a major terrorist attack on American soil in the five years since 9/11?
Thanks Peter and keep those videos coming. We like your platform and presentation and professionalism.

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