Rabbis Address Iran Shoah Farce

We assume that these are Satmar rabbis who are attending and addressing the farcical Iranian gathering. Why do these guys do this?


Tehran, 11 Dec. (AKI) - A delegation of European rabbis is attending a two-day conference in Tehran questioning the existence of the Holocaust. The rabbis have pinned a card to their chest reading in English and Arabic: "I am a Jew but not a Zionist." Addressing the gathering on Monday, rabbi Moshe Friedman of Austria said the Zionist movement "despicably tries to put together Judaism and the Holocaust with the only aim of justifying its existence."

"The Zionists commit atrocious crimes in Palestine and try to justify them by using the Holocaust, offering to the world a false image of Judaims," said the rabbi.

The Austrian also said that "all Jews must leave Israel and return to the countries where they were born and where their ancestors lived for centuries."

He also accused the Zionist movement of cooperating with Nazi Germany: "The Holocaust was possible thanks to the cooperation of Zionists who wanted to build in Palestine a Socialist socierty."

Arnold Coèn, an English rabbi, also stressed in his address on Monday that "putting Judaism and Zionism on the same level is a grave error." While noting that "denying the Holocaust is shameful" the rabbi however said that "using this crime to justify the massacre of Palestinians is unacceptable."

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has described the Holocaust as a "myth" and called for the destruction of Israel while rejecting charges of anti-Semitism.

The gathering is reportedly attended by 67 researchers from a variety of countries including Europe. Among participants is reportedly Robert Faurisson, a French professor who denies the existence of gas chambers and German-born Australian Frederick Toeben, a Holocaust denier who has served a jail sentence in Germany on charges of inciting racial hatred.

Iran has a community of about 25,000 Jews.

Historians of the Third Reich, basing their figures on original Nazi documents, have estimated that approximately six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. The regime of Adolf Hitler also killed millions of non-Jews.

Denying the Holocaust is a crime in a dozen European countries, including Germany and Austria, where British historian David Irving was jailed in February for three years for denying the Holocaust.


Anonymous said...

Your posting called them Satmar rabbis. Many people, not surprisingly, confuse Satmar with Neturei Karta. This site shows how they are not the same:

Anonymous said...

"The Satmar Chassidic Court issued a statement last Thursday calling on Jews “to keep away from them and condemn their actions,” an order tantamount to placing the men in cherem, similar to the call by Rabbi Metzger on Thursday.

The participation of the Neturei Karta members at the conference organized and led by Ahmadinejad was “act of madness,” said the Satmar statement, adding that the group had “trampled on the memory of their ancestors and people. They embraced the disciplines and followers of their murderers."