Hitler Comedy by Swiss Jew

Oy. Mel Brooks and The Producers have company. JTA links to the DW-World report:

Jewish Filmmaker Breaks Taboos with Hitler Send-Up

Both German and Jewish sensitivities are to face a severe test next month with the launch of a comedy movie in German that turns Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler into a clown with 90 minutes of juvenile jokes.

The title, "Mein Führer: The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler," gives a foretaste of the send-up, in which a fictional Hitler, depressed in 1944 at losing his war, invites a Jew from a concentration camp to live with him and coach his public speaking.

Stills released so far show scenes of Hitler training his German shepherd dog to do "Heil Hitler" salutes or lying in the bath playing with a toy warship.

The movie's Jewish director, Dani Levy, has admitted that while he could never make a funny Holocaust movie, he thinks there is nothing wrong with a parody about the Holocaust's Nazi authors.

Levy, 49, who is Swiss-born but has lived in Berlin since 1980, says he checked the script first with his mother, a Holocaust survivor, to make sure he was not too off-key with the jibes. ...

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