Teaneck Shuls - a Great Internet List - and they have a charity drive

Teaneck Shuls is a Yahoo Group. You can join it and choose to be bombarded with loads of emails of single posts or you can opt for a daily email digest or you can do what I do - elect to receive no emails and go to the web site when you want to search for something. Here are the main details:
The dedicated team who run the site also raise money for charity each year. We endorse their efforts and urge you to contribute. Here is what they say this November.
  • For some in our community, the recent severe economic crisis....literally means the difference between being able to put food on the dinner table & going hungry. The current economic downturn has affected all of us. We can't forget those whose economic situation was already precarious and who may now have been pushed into a genuine crisis: imagine what it feels like to not know how one is going to manage to feed one's family in the upcoming weeks & months. And the number of those in our community who face such a tragedy is growing. Even though it may be more difficult this year, the TeaneckShuls 7th annual fundraiser may be more important than ever to assist our designated recipient, Tomchei Shabbos, in its very important work.
  • Tomchei Shabbos of Bergen County is an organization dedicated to providing Shabbat meals to any needy Jewish family in Bergen County. Since its establishment 19 years ago, they have distributed 450,000 Shabbat & Yom Tov meals to the elderly, single mothers, Russian immigrants, the unemployed, the sick & disabled, etc. All drivers & packers are volunteers, so that their entire budget is allocated directly for the purchase of food- there is no overhead! As the need has grown greater, Tomchei Shabbos is struggling to cover their food expenses, without wishing to cut back on any of their meal deliveries. They are turning to us, their community, for our generous support. The charitable reputation of the Teaneck Jewish community is legendary and its commitment to helping others knows no bounds.
  • For those of you that are new to our list, each year we select a tax deductible charity, to which our members can donate directly, as another way to show the usefulness & importance of the TeaneckShuls list. This fundraiser runs through the month of November.
  • As members, you are very aware of the reach & benefits of this listserve.TeaneckShuls is a volunteer organization, which is available to everyone, 24/7, free of charge. Many in our community have been touched by something/someone as a result of their membership in TeaneckShuls. We feel very strongly about using the power of our enormous membership base(10,000 members!!!) to try & help a worthwhile organization such as Tomchei Shabbos. If you are able, please join us in giving back to our community by making a contribution that represents what your membership in the TeaneckShuls community has meant to you. There is no minimum donation amount.
  • 100% of your donation will go to Tomchei Shabbos & is tax deductible. Please send checks payable to Tomchei Shabbos by November 30 to: Shari Lindenbaum, 464 Winthrop Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666
  • Thanks in advance for any support you can give & for considering this fundraiser in your charitable donations this year! Please help us to make this the most successful fundraiser in our history.
  • Ruthie Levi, Nathan J. Lindenbaum, Chaim Shulman, Bryan Alter, Kevie Feit, Aaron Kornbluth

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