Anti-Semitism Thrives for one more day at the Conservative American Thinker Blog

They call it, "Symposium: Why do so many Jews still vote Democrat?"

It's in fact no symposium at all - just an excuse for right wing radical anti-Semites to spew their awful venom... here is my ... /rant/

it's astonishing.

the rhetoric in this discussion ["Symposium: Why do so many Jews still vote Democrat?"] crosses over into insults to Jews, Judaism and liberals and many of the discussants overtly stink of anti-Semitism.

why are Jews liberal? liberalism is such a morally superior political attitude - upholding the poor and weak - protecting society from brute forces of evil and corruption - it is hard for most educated and moral people to imagine opposing liberal ideals - and Jews as a group have lots of education.

i blocked comments on my blog this season because i just could not believe the depths of ignorance that conservative wing-nut commenters displayed in them with such impunity.

so you "American Thinker" guys - carry on with your corrupt lives and anti-Semitic agendas. we liberals are going back to work now to create a great, just and moral society using government, religion, education, indoctrination, and every means that we can.

you've stolen our money under the guise of conservative, radical capitalist free enterprise. you've brought our economy to ruin. you've lowered the wages of workers and taken away security and safety, especially from the sick and elderly.

yes "American Thinker" guys - please continue now on your sanctimonious fraudulent hypocritical missions somewhere else, on some other planet, or perhaps all of you can move on to alaska...
./end of rant/

And one more thing.

How did I find this awful blog? Do I troll around conservative blogs? No no no.

The JTA Daily Briefing email that I get from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency recommended it to me. Innocently they suggested that I go to one of their EDITORS' PICKS...
Why are Jews Democrats?
Why do so many Jews still vote Democrat? The conservative American Thinker posits some answers.
Huh? Posits answers? JTA - please be more careful. One person actually does read your spam emails.

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