Optimistic Mr. Franken Goes to Washington Before Recount

I like that optimistic Al Franken will go to Washington before the recount to confer with senators, to be prepared just in case he wins the seat.

He will win it, no doubt in my mind.
Al Franken to visit with Senate leaders in D.C.
By Associated Press

MINNEAPOLIS - Democrat Al Franken says he’ll be in Washington, D.C., this week to meet with Democratic Senate leaders.

There’s an orientation for new senators being held this week, but Franken told WCCO-TV on Sunday that it would be too presumptuous to attend the orientation with the race between him and Republican Sen. Norm Coleman still unsettled.

Coleman leads Franken by only 206 votes, and a statewide recount will be conducted starting this week to determine the winner.

Franken will meet with Senate leaders on Tuesday. Franken spokeswoman Colleen Murray says Franken has also hired a transition director so that if he comes out ahead after the recount, he will be ready to serve Minnesotans.

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