Times Online: Di Segni is Not the Pope's Favorite Rabbi

We know the pope's favorite rabbi. It is not Rabbi Di Segni.
Chief Rabbi accuses Pope of "taking God's name in vain"
Riccardo di Segni claims the Pope has "reversed" John Paul II's policy of apologising for Church mistakes
Richard Owen in Rome

Riccardo Di Segni, the chief rabbi of Rome has accused Pope Benedict XVI of "taking the name of God in vain" and reversing the policy of apologising for past Christian errors adopted by John Paul II, his predecessor.

Referring to Pope Benedict's support for the beatification of Pius XII, who is held by Jewish and other critics to have "turned a blind eye" to the Nazi Holocaust, Rabbi Di Segni said it had aroused "indignation in our community".

He said the Pope had described the wartime pontiff as a gift from God, "but he certainly was not that for the Jewish people. There is no need to take the name of God in vain"... more

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