NY Times' Editors Oppose College Football

I don't have anything to say. I am speechless.

The Times' editors have discovered that college football costs money, money that indeed, "might otherwise have been devoted to academics."

I did not know that. Wow, thanks NY Times. Just remind us how this factotum eluded you all these years.
The Rutgers Mess

Rutgers, the biggest and most important public university in New Jersey, has spent millions of dollars furthering its ambition to become a major football power that might otherwise have been devoted to academics. It has done so during a period of rising tuition and budgetary cutbacks in academic departments, and, worse, without any real oversight from the university’s president, Richard McCormick, and its Board of Governors...(more opining and whining...)

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Richard said...

Richard McCormick was the president at the Univ. of Wash. when I worked as a fundraiser there. I interacted with him several times. Not the easiest, sunniest, most outgoing guy.

He left amidst a scandal in which he was shacking up w. a subordinate (& he was a married man).

UW is a heavy football school & his attitude toward the sport at the UW was pretty much the same as at Rutgers: leave 'em alone & let the TV money roll in.