Is Michael Mukasey Jewish?

Yes, Attorney General Michael Mukasey is an Orthodox Jew.

JTA has an extensive story on this:
...Mukasey, 66, is a lifelong congregant at Kehillath Jeshurun on New York City's Upper East Side. He was educated at its Ramaz school, and his wife for a time was the school's headmistress. He is close friends with another congregant, Jay Lefkowitz, a top Washington lawyer and a veteran of the Soviet Jewry advocacy movement who is Bush's special envoy for human rights in North Korea...
The AG also is a neighbor of my dad and brother. They live on the same floor in their Upper East Side building in New York City and have met on several occasions at the elevators.

Mukasey appeared ill last night while giving a speech. He was taken to a hospital. We wish him a speedy and complete recovery.

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