Tzvee Predicts: Al Franken Will win a victory in Minnesota Senate race after the recount

The margin that Franken trails is now stated (Wednesday PM) at less than 500 votes.

The near-landslide Obama victory and its momentum will carry Franken across the finish line when the recount is finished.

Intuition tells me that some divinely-motivated Bush-loving wing-nut Coleman supporters stuffed the ballot box somewhere around the naive and trusting north-star state and that a recount will negate that. For example, this video reports that there are allegations that Coleman staffers told Somali-Minnesotan voters how to vote...

Tzvee predicts that after the recount Al Franken will win by more than 1500 votes.

Update, Nov. 6, from the StarTribune - now it is a 439 vote deficit: "The latest unofficial tally by the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office of Tuesday's vote now shows Coleman holding a 439-vote lead over Franken. That's down from the 477-vote gap at the end of the day Wednesday.

"The Secretary of State's Office website has adjusted the vote totals several times since Tuesday night, most often tightening the gap."

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