Tzvee thinking out loud: Howard Jonas and IDT should take over Agriprocessors

The Times reports:
The kosher meatpacking company in Iowa that has been struggling with criminal charges and huge fines for labor violations, a dwindling work force and declining demand among Jewish consumers since an immigration raid at its main plant, has filed for bankruptcy.
Someone needs to rescue the Iowa meatpacking company that has declared bankruptcy. That someone needs to be a businessman and philanthropist, perhaps one who started his career, selling kosher hot dogs, as recounted in his autobiographical book, "On a Roll".

The name that comes to mind is Howard Jonas CEO of the IDT corporation. He is offbeat enough to consider this challenge and brilliant enough to pull it off.

And the kosher meat "bookends" are a great feature to add to Jonas' business career story, not that this will be his last venture.

So Howard. How about it? Just Tzvee thinking out loud.

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Unknown said...

Maybe you should check the price of IDT stock. These days I'm not sure has the money to consider another charity operation. Besides, he's to busy trying to run his current company into the ground to worry about buying one that's already there.