Arab AntiSemites Attack Tom Lantos

The latest vile racist attack from Dar Al-Hayat out of Lebanon singles out Tom Lantos as its target. I find the rhetoric of the London based writer disgusting. Here is how he proudly announces his topic.

Ayoon Wa Azan (A Kingdom Whose History Raised Doubts) Jihad el-Khazen Al-Hayat

This year has lacked news on happy political events though I personally welcomed Ariel Sharon's stay in hospital so that he pays the price for his crimes, and I also welcomed the trial, not the imprisonment, of the previous publisher of the Telegraph group Conrad Black. However, a news item has made up for plenty of losses as the year is coming to an end. A few days ago I read that Congressman Tom Lantos is facing a challenge in his constituency in California that may put an end to his political career.

If I described Lantos with the most indecent terms of the political jargon, I would not do justice to him. He is a Jewish American of Hungarian origin, but the predominant characteristic is his Israeli inclination which precedes everything else including religion. Lantos, who was elected to Congress as a Democrat fourteen times, is a liberal with respect to all issues except foreign policy, and especially when it comes to his absolute loyalty to the worst type of Israeli radicalism... more hatred...

The entire article reeks of hatred and ignorance. Except of course the mandatory disclaimer that the author sticks in without any context of consequence to support it, "I personally want to see peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. I do not support any violence or war and I accept President Bush's vision of the two states." I had to laugh. Which one is your opinion sir? Is it the thesis or the antithesis? I think we know.

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