Look! A board game. It's Monopoly! It's Stratego! It's Vatican - How they Elect the Pope

VATICAN The Board Game

From Cardinal to Pope—how it happens . . .

VATICAN The Board Game box
  • VATICAN, historically accurate, is more compelling than the depictions of the Catholic Church in popular culture. Reality and truth are always more interesting than fiction. Read what they are saying about VATICAN in the blogs!
  • VATICAN is a fascinating way for all to understand a central point of Catholic identity, and will appeal to a wide variety of audiences, whatever their religious preferences.
  • VATICAN is sophisticated, filled with nuance that makes replays as enjoyable as the first time you play it. For teachers, it’s a powerful educational tool – for a gathering of friends, it’s a stimulating experience.
  • VATICAN – a high quality game that makes the ideal gift. Buy now – fun and learning in an outstanding package!
VATICAN in the Blogs

Words > Pope Stuff (posted 24 September 2007)

"...playing “VTBG,” as it’s known among hardcore VTBG players, doesn’t just involve rolling some dice and advancing your cardinal three spaces. Do cardinals advance three spaces toward the Papacy by rolling some dice in real life? Most of them don’t. They do things like Take Stances on Important Religious Issues… and other pre-Pope activities. Just as in reality, the game forces players to express their views on critical issues form a historical aspect. Tell me, what other board game offers such historical action!? None! You can thank [Stephen Haliczer] for the greatest board game in the world!"

Martini Revolution (posted 28 November 2007)

"Wow! Forget Macy’s - if anyone wants to buy me a holiday gift, it’s one-stop-shopping..."

daily mantra (posted 10/29/07)

"Become Pope In A Few Easy Steps – And Find Out Some Surprising Things About The Roman Catholic Church Along The Way"

Keenan Maximillian Tan Too Hock (posted 10/11/07)

"I think it would have been fun to play it with people who like a discussion. Could use it as a teaching tool for the kids in St. Mary's...we had fun. It was filled with laughter. We will be doing it again soon."

Coo-ees from the Cloister (posted 09/03/07)

"While becoming Pope is no game; Vatican wont leave you bored... "

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