Biblical & Religious Dolls are Selling Out! Idolatry, Heresy or Just Cute?

After the recent scandal over the Muhammed Teddy Bear, the news of Christian religious dolls and talking action figures selling out in stores for the holidays presents a stark contrast and a special irony for students of comparative religion.

The Star Tribune reports:
Talking Jesus doll sales are on the ascent
By JOHN EWOLDT, Star Tribune

Jesus is selling out.

Out of Wal-Mart and Target, that is. The 12-inch, $20 Jesus Messenger of Faith talking action figure has become a holiday hit of biblical proportions. Online mega-retailers Wal-Mart.com and Amazon.com are sold out. Target.com's supply is likely to disappear within a few days.

The response has been "unbelievable," said Josh Livingston, spokesman for Valencia, Calif.-based One2believe, which also sells talking Moses, Mary, David, Esther and Noah action figures. The company has sold more than 20,000 dolls in the series, with Jesus far and away the most popular.
Also of note, the P31 dolls... [or the Eshes Chayil dolls in Hebrew]...
P31 are a new exclusive collection of high-quality dolls, based on the biblical teaching of Proverbs 31. P31 dolls were specifically designed to provide a Bible-based, Christian alternative to other secular toys on the market, and to encourage young girls to pursue biblical womanhood.... three different P31 dolls: Abigail, Elisabeth and Leah. It is our prayer that the Lord would use these dolls as a means to encourage the girls of today to become Proverbs 31 women of tomorrow!

Not to overlook, are the local East Coast Teaneck distributed Gali Girl Jewish dolls for Jewish girls... Although not biblical, they are cute!

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