The Church-State Taboo is Dead

I cannot predict what the outcome will be now that the Church-State taboo has been killed off. It has been - and that is a fact.

I suppose it started when Ronald Reagan closed his eyes (as if he was praying) at prayer breakfasts.

George W. has made a mockery of pandering to religious groups (and delivering to them a host of credibility but very little money).

Nowadays you cannot pick up the paper without reading about the "Faith Wars" in the presidential campaign. Or about the Rev. Mike Hucksterbee's slimey insults of Mormons in an article by a Jewish reporter.

Who knows what Mike says to other reporters about the Jews!

I remember the good old days when Church and State were held apart as our founders wanted. Ah yes. That was such a nice time, an idyllic period.

But it's over now. Call it "values" if you want to encode it. But hey, who needs to encode it anymore?

I'll say it's not good for the Jews. It's not good for America. But that's rhetoric - no matter how I would flesh it out.

Let's start reacting as we should. Let's remove the tax-exemption from the Evangelical Churches. That should cool things off quickly.

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Anonymous said...

"Let's remove the tax-exemption from the Evangelical Churches. "

And keep the tax-exemption for all the other churches??