My Amazon Kindle Arrives in Time for Hanukkah

My Kindle arrived on Hanukkah - today. How appropriate.

I like it. It's light and clear. What's missing? Touch screen. I have touch screen on my Sprint Centro (=mini-Palm Treo) phone, but not on the Kindle. No mouse, no trackball. Amazonian navigation. You have to see it to believe it.

I like it. Content galore. Best sellers for $9.99. I already bought two. Free chapters of all the others. But what's missing? You have to pay (again) for the NY Times. I already pay for a subscription to the daily paper. I should be able to get the Kindle edition for free.

Can I read the books that I bought for my Kindle online at Amazon online? No. Can I read them on my desktop computer? Stay tuned while I find out more about the greatest invention since sliced white bread (for this week anyhow).

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