He'brew Beers Reviewed by Hoosier Beer Geek

I confess to ignorance when it comes to beers. After tasting my first He'brew on Sunday in Park Slope, I deem it appropriate to yield the floor to the distinguished gentlemen from Indiana who conclude their glowing, lengthy and somewhat bizarre review - L'Chaim! (or, "On the Third Night of Hanukkah, My Friends Brought Beer to Me") - as follows:

Since my colleagues have adequately said what needs to be said about each beer, I’ll simply add my mug ratings and note that, in my opinion, this was, on the whole, the best group of beers we’ve reviewed (of course, I may be a little biased as a M.O.T., but I loved even the Delirium Noel):
  • Genesis 10:10: 4.75 mugs
  • Bittersweet Lenny’s R.I.P.A.: 4.60 mugs
  • Monumental Jewbelation 10: 4.25 mugs
  • Origin Pomegranate Ale: 3.75 mugs
  • Monumental Jewbelation 11: 3.25 mugs
  • Delirium Noel: 4.oo mugs

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