My Top Ten Amazon Kindle Questions

10. Do I get points when I play the page-pong game with the super-sensitive next-page/prev-page levers?
9. Wasn't black and white TV great?
8. How many pages does this book have anyway?
7. Is there any way to straighten out these crooked little chicklet keys?
6. Who sent me these weird screen savers?
5. Where is the stylus for this palm pilot?
4. Isn't that page flicker just adorable?
3. Who needs a mouse anyway when you have a thermometer?
2. Isn't that "experimental" Web thingy just darling?
1. If I turn it upside down and shake it can I start a whole new sketch?


Reb Yudel said...

Question #11: If you buy Rifka Rosenwein's Life in the Present Tense on your Kindle, will you let me know how the reading experience goes?

Tzvee Zahavy said...

i'm sure it's better than foreskin's lament... what a disappointment that was. i'd surely let you know when my next kindle comes, having scalped this first one on ebay today.