In Starbucks' TV Ad - Jewish Penguins Spread Holiday Cheer

Starbucks Coffee doesn't advertise that much. When they do, people take note. Advertising Age ran this posting, "Starbucks' Animated Animals Put Even Us in Holiday Spirit" proclaiming the Jewishness of two penguins who befriend a window washer.
Garfield Reviews Three Spots From Wieden
Posted by Bob Garfield on 12.03.07

In pale pastels and rough-hewn animation, a woman offers a bearhug. To a bear.

A chilly window washer accepts a hot beverage from two Jewish penguins. A man takes pity on a shivering reindeer. And yet it is not goofy. It is not uncomfortably saccharine. In fact, it's all so, so lovely. ...more
Now you could argue that these penguins in the ad do not look that Jewish. They may or may not be wearing yarmulkas.
But I guess the menorah in the window in the next room removes any doubt. Yes, these Jewish birds are taking care of the window washer by offering a warm coffee.

Peace on Earth and Good Hot Starbucks Coffee. See the "Pass the Cheer" videos for yourself.


Anonymous said...

That was nice. The head of Starbucks had interesting meeting with a certain rabbi:

Juggling Frogs said...

Hmmm. The menorah is in the darkened window adjacent to the kippah wearing penguins, but they are in a lighted room with a Christmas tree.

Perhaps the non-Jewish penguins went to visit their Jewish neighbor for candle-lighting, and donnned kippot as a courtesy. Then they returned to their own apartment.

Wishing you a very happy Hanukkah, and pleasant coffee bean dreams!