Ari Goldman Disrespects Mitch Albom

Who would not want to run right over and read an awful, disrespectful review in an equally awful, disrespectful journal?

Well okay then, here is the link to Tuesdays With Morbid by Ari Goldman, or as the Worst Things Magazine cover touts it, "Mitch Albom is an Idiot."

The jury is already in with the verdict on Mitch Albom's runaway best-seller, Have a Little Faith.

The reviewers love it, the public loves it. We love the book and have explained why. It's an encapsulation of the archetype of the community organizer, the backbone of our organized religions. Albom did not set out to accomplish this, but he intuitively knew how to tell the stories and good Lord, he pulled it off!

Sour grapes Ari? Cause otherwise, we just don't see what motivates your venomous review of this moving and inspirational modern fable.

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