Gotcha! 2010 the Anti-Semitism Edition: Tablet's Marc Tracy on Podhoretz, Foxman, Limbaugh, Obama

Gotcha! You Anti-Semite!

In the past we said that Rush Limbaugh and his fellow Right Wingers love to play the game of Gotcha!

What is the game of Gotcha!? It's the game where you get your enemy or opponent on some technicality. Some Gotcha! players love to review ad nauseum how they caught the media lying and misrepresenting the facts. Other Gotcha! players crow about how they caught some liberal in hypocrisy. We decried all of this long ago

Now it seems we have armies of all sorts of politicos sweeping the airwaves and Internet for whiffs of anti-Semitism. Gotcha! back!

Gotcha! players
create no value in the world. We've been hollering about this since 2006 and we do try to keep this blog Gotcha! free.

Tablet's Marc Tracy almost gets the futility of playing the Gotcha! game. He sarcastically sums up the current Utterly Worthless Gotcha! Match of Podhoretz, Foxman and Limbaugh as follows:
So, to recap:

Limbaugh to Obama: You’re an anti-Semite!

Foxman to Limbaugh: No, you’re the anti-Semite!

Podhoretz to Foxman: No, the anti-Semites are on the left! Besides, Limbaugh likes Israel, which means he cannot possibly be an anti-Semite!

This has been productive!

Good, Marc. Blunt sarcasm is one big step towards a true Gotcha! free life.

Let's fight some real anti-Semitism. Stop the Gotcha! 

(Anyways, How could Rush Limbaugh be anti-Semitic if he is Jewish? See our last Purim post.)

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