JTA: Eugene Korn asks us to take responsibility for Reconciliation with the Catholic Church

JTA has published an optimistic Op-Ed about Catholic-Jewish relations by our neighbor Rabbi Eugene Korn, "Taking responsibility for Catholic-Jewish reconciliation."

The essay summarizes the pontiff's recent gaffs and stumbles and concludes that all of those are  forgiven now after the pope's wonderful visit to the Rome synagogue.

Korn is not an objective observer. He is an interfaith professional, he makes his living from such activities. He has a stake in doing exactly what he does in the essay, showing the sharp edges that exist between the faiths and holding up the hope that they can be smoothed over (with his help).

Others (like us) looking at this pope's record will see the same facts and may conclude that the Vatican is in disarray. One day they are promoting ostensibly anti-Jewish actions, and the next day backtracking and kissing up to us.

Whatever the case may be it is to us a source of great dismay to read that we need to take responsibility for "Catholic-Jewish Reconciliation."

Right minded people will want to know why in 2010 we are still working on "reconciliation."

What indeed is wrong with the leaders and the essential teachings of Judaism and Christianity if these two religions cannot yet coexist in harmony with each other?

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