some awesome iphone art from david liebowitz of teaneck

Just what kind of art can you produce with an iPhone and its apps?

That's what the Chicago Art Department asked in an exhibit yesterday whose goal was to, "present 25 artists from around the world, all exploring the iPhone as creative tool."

iMpressive and somewhat iMpressionistic and obviously some quite awesome stuff in the new exhibit they called "iPhone Therefore iArt":
From America, David Lebowitz is an east-coast artist who is writing a book on the subject and will be showing one of his finger-painted pieces. He says "artists like myself were drawn to it like moths to a flame. I'm proud to be part of this exhibition, among the first on planet earth to feature pioneering, international efforts of this 21st century medium." Where is iPhone art heading? What type of artists work with an iPhone and when? Why? How does the iPhone fit into the contemporary art landscape? This exhibitions takes a step towards the answers.
David's photos will take your around new york city and the area, and the other collections will take you further. there isn't a real theme in the diverse group -- some hit you with bright iPhone-impressionistic splashes of vivid colors... can you really write a "book on the subject"?

Here are the links to David's iArt and all the participating iPhone iArtists,

"iPhone Therefore iArt" features artists David Leibowitz (Teaneck, New Jersey), Russ Croop (Boulder, CO), Mia Robinson (Washington, DC), Susan Murtaugh (Two Rivers, WI), Matthew Watkins (Italy), Benjamin Rabe (Germany), Julia Kay (San Fransisco, CA), Sandra Schmidt (Livonia, MI), Joseandrés Guijarro Ponce (Spain),  Luis Peso (Spain), Alexander Lysov and Timofey Caraffa-Corbut (Russia), Cédric Phillippe (France), Rino Larsen (Norway), and Patricio Villarroel (France). all alongside Chicago artists Mike Nourse, Nathan Peck, Nat Soti, Seth GershbergJon SatromCarl Sweets, Alyssa Sorresso, Melissa Porter, and Kirk Bravender.

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