Can you exorcise a dybbuk over the Internet via Skype?

Yes, sure you can exorcise a dybbuk via Skype.Why not?

It is dangerous to attempt this because a dybbuk can travel over the Internet and enter the body of the exorcist.;>)

Rav Batzri apparently had a bad connection or a version of Skype that was not dybbuk-enabled. His remote exorcism failed (video).

He tried again locally to exorcise this dybbuk in Jerusalem (video) . He fears for his life.

Other rabbis are disavowing this whole process.

Welcome to the carnival known as Haredi Judaism in 2010.


Richard said...

I believe that the only way you can exorcise a dybbuk is by putting a stake through their heart, as in the Coen Brothers' movie "A Serious Man". Perhaps, someone should write a Skype Extra to do that!

jaim said...

hi, please let me know the source of the meaning of dybbuk. Are they named at the Torá or Talmud?