Will Cablevision give customers a rebate for not delivering Food Network and HGTV?

UPDATE - it is settled, the channels are back.

Not a big deal but I finally listened to the editorial shpiel broadcast by Cablevision on the channels that are supposed to carry the Food Network and HGTV. I gather the parties are still negotiating.

Meanwhile in good faith, since they are providing less service, we'd like to see a rebate from Cablevision for each month or part thereof that they do not deliver their lineup as promised.

Chances of that happening? We'd guess close to zero.
APP.com: Cable dispute shows no sign of ending

The dispute keeping the Food Network and HGTV off of Cablevision shows no sign of ending nearly three weeks after the channels' owner, Scripps Networks Interactive, turned them off.

Both sides last talked last week, said Brooke Johnson, president of Food Network. "We have had some conversations, but so far they have not been productive."

Cablevision has refused to comment on any talks. "We have called upon Scripps Networks to put the channels back on and negotiate, but they have refused," the company said in a statement earlier this month.

Food Network and its sister channel HGTV were shut off at midnight on New Year's Eve by Scripps after the two sides failed to reach a licensing agreement. In their place, viewers now see a white screen and messages from Cablevision...more...

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